SM Management problem in 2.3.4

This is the setup:

- SM with NAT (v2.3.4)

Wireless IP: DHCP (the UI is misleading at this point, btw)

PPPoE connection

Separate Wireless Management IP:

Separate Wireless Management gateway:

- Router for management network:

- Another server in the management network:

When I try to ping from to it seems that I get no reply.

By analizing the traffic I can see that the SM is sending the reply to a wrong mac address (to the mac of the router) instead of the mac of the server.

Hi latinsud, 

We're trying to reproduce this issue in our lab. I will let you know what we find. 



We are having the same problem. It seems to fix it self after a hour or two. Restarting the SM or the AP will not fix the problem.