ePMP1000 MVR feature

Hi There,

Did someone knows that ePMP1000 supports Multicast Vlan Routing? If yes how to configure them.


Hi Orient,

No, ePMP doesn't support Multicast Vlan Routing. Can you please share scenario when you want to use this feature on ePMP.



As for the possibility of sending multicast ePMP1000 use when the network is used
IGMP intermediary with Multicast VLAN Routing?
We conducted tests where we send multicast was no
use IGMP and then stream was possible to receive.
We have situations where the receivers STB performs all the exchange of information in
another VLAN and the same stream is transmitted to other VLAN, thanks to MVR
STB is able to connect to a multicast group. without this
functionality of the receivers are not able to view the channel.
Diagram looks like this:

SW with IGMP -----------SW_IGMP_MVR------------- Cambium AP ePMP1000------------Cambium STATION ePMP

It may there is some workaround?

Hi Orient,

We do support IGMP snooping and IPTV should work in the scenario you describe. We have some issues with multicast in our latest fimrware(2.4.3) so please use 2.4.2 for your tests.

If you have any issues with multicast please drop me an e-mail dmitry.moiseev@cambiumnetowrks.com.


Details on the ePMP Multicast feature are HERE.