ePMP3000 Forcing Firmware Update

Has anyone seen a ePMP3000 that forces you to update the firmware? What would cause this? The AP was active and then simply just lost connectivity to it. We found no reason for the AP to not respond ie cat5 checks out, lightning suppressors etc…It was powered out of a Packetflux with no other devices showing signs of reboot.

It looks like the recovery mode. Not sure about it happening out of nowhere but power or cable issues may have put it in that state.

Thank you for the response. I had found that info before I posted. I was looking for any others out there that had seen the issue. I recovered the radio to 4.6.1(what it was on before). It had no issue taking the upload. Once the gui came back up to the login page I was able to log in under the set username and password(not default). The radio did not lose any settings and it is showing both flash banks as 4.6.1. It is like nothing ever happened to it. For now I’m going to mark it down as a glitch that the radio wouldn’t boot to either flash. It doesn’t seem others have seen the issue so I’ll go with it’s just a one off fluke…

This has happened at least four times for us. All on different ePMP3000 APs. First time we were replacing cables, connectors and even whole AP on a mast 40 meters high. Trust me, this is not pleasant when bloody-cold freezing winds blow like hell in the early dark morning. I was cursing Cambium for this two weeks after, since no other equipment has failed to me like that before. Once we brought it to office, managed to figure out what was happening and restore AP to operation.

Since then, when AP simply dies, we’re smart now. We do have an isolated machine on a network that I configure for static arp for specific MAC on, access that restore GUI and get things fixed by uploading firmware image.

The distinctive indication that ePMP AP is stuck in recovery mode is a two arrow icon in Netonix switch next to the port AP is connected to, which means that Flow control is enabled for both directions, which is not when device operates normally.

As for why and when it happens, well more often than not it happens on firmware upgrade. But I’m near damn sure it once died without any specific reason and without me touching anything.

I’m not sure what are these two banks of memory for firmware upgrades doing in cambium software. I’ve never seen it working as it should…

Did you raise any tickets with cambium for this. @Fedor is this known issue?


It’s not the known issue.
From screenshot I can tell that ePMP3000L is in recovery mode.
Usually it falls to recovery mode if the device is not able to boot up properly with the current firmware or if the recovery mode has been triggered through the reset button.
I would suggest update the firmware and monitor the device, potentially it could be related to corrupted memory on this particular device and if it wasn’t recovered after the power reboot and the firmware upgrade it can pop up later again.

Thank you.


I have seen this screen when the auto download and update detects a new firmware version. A colossal PITA especially if the next firmware version is not wanted.
I do not doubt that this particular radio is in recovery mode, but with the dual firmware locations the radio would normally boot the second firmware and just keep operating.

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