ePMP Firmware Recovery

The procedure of Firmware recovery on ePMP1000/F180/F200/F190 is described in the following article:

For the new products ePMP3000, ePMP3000L, ePMP 3000MP, F300s the new Firmware recovery procedure has been introduced.

In case FW has been failed to start the radio fails in recovery mode automatically or user has to push hardware reset button and keep it for 20 seconds.

In recovery mode radio is reachable on default local IP address -

UI page is loaded and user can upload FW image to the radio.

For ePMP 3000MP the specific image should be used for the recovery. It can be requested through the Cambium Support.

F300-13L uses similar to ePMP1000/F180/F190/F200 recovery procedure through TFTP server and the specific image is required for recovery as well. It can be requested through Cambium Support as well.

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Thanks for sharing. We also have this problem now, but how to get this firmware software?