ePMP3000 MU-MIMO and Horns Questions


I'm looking to make some changes to one of our towers and needing to get some community feedback. In looking into the ePMP300, currently Cambium only carries the 90deg 4x4 Sector antenna with a horn version due some time in 2Q. With that said, has anyone paired a ePMP3000 with a Mimosa 4x4 45deg Sector? I'm looking to create a small cluster to hit areas due to over saturation of clients. Does having such a small beamwidth affect the MU-MIMO capability of the AP? Ideally I'd be using either 3 30deg or 45deg sector/horns with a little overlap to cover 90deg.



We would recommend using only officially supported Antennas to achieve MU-MIMO gain.

Thank you.

Thanks for the info. So with that said are we to assume that the Cambium Horn 4x4 scheduled to come out 2ndQ will only come in a 90deg configuation? Or put another, will Cambium make a sector smaller than 45Deg or will the ePMP3000 not support MU-MIMO with antennas smaller than 90deg?

Hi, the upcoming 4x4 Dual Horn MU-MIMO antenna will be 60 degree beamwidth.  We are not currently planning to go any narrower than that. MU-MIMO requires some angular separation between groupable STA's so going narrower than 45 degrees hits a point of diminishing returns.

So for ePMP 3000 MU-MIMO you'll have the options of a 60-degree dual-horn, a 90 degree sector or a 360 degree omni (from KP Performance).

Another option we've seen WISP's using is the 2x2 ePMP 3000L and narrow 30/45 degree horns from RF Elements to more densely pack sectors.

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Thanks Bruce for the info.

Do you know if anyone has used the 3000 with dual horns pointed the same direction, not for MU-MIMO, but to get additional 3dB gain of 4x4?


You can possibly try the new RF Elements Twin Horn Bracket. 



Maybe for the smaller beamwidth you can possibly try the new RF Elements Twin Horn Bracket.  Seems like this may fit your request.  The Cambium 60 degree is great in particular if you use LINKPlanner, since it will be in there for planning and seeing where and how your deployment may work.  But if you need the narrower beamwidth, then the RF Elements new option may work for your application.

RF Element Twin Horn Bracket w/ ePMP 3000 mounted.

I think both parties give great support.  So you should be well covered.

Cambium Dmitry posted on this exact setup in another thread:


"Re: ePMP 3000 with RF Elements Horn


To avoid speculations I would like to make the following statements:

1. If you use a pair of horns with the official RF Elements "Twin Horn Bracket" you will not see any MU-MIMO. Although besides MU-MIMO system will work perfectly fine.

2. If you use a pair of horns looking in the different directions you will not see MU-MIMO unless you do the following:

a. Connect one horn to chain 0 and 1, connect second horn to 2 and 3.

b. Update software to 4.5-RC and pick Omni antenna option under the RF settings.

2. If you use a pair of horns looking in the different directions legacy non-11ac subscribers most probably will work with single stream rates.

3. Spectrum analyzer will work only for the chains 2 and 3.


Dmitry "

HI....with the Dual-Horn MU-MIMO area, administrators can consolidate the impedance relief points of interest of a horn reception apparatus design with the high information rates and execution of 4x4 MU-MIMO. The reception apparatus works over the 5 GHz range and gives 60 degree inclusion. To disentangle establishment, the reception apparatus is dispatched with the links and mounting section expected to mount on a shaft straightforwardly associated an ePMP 3000 Access Point.

This should work right ? Since the AC radios need more gain to achieve the same MCS levels as the N radios I’m far more interested in the 3dB of from 4x4 than I am MU on most of our rural towers.