ePMP3000 + Smart Antenna performance examples?

Can anyone comment on real-world improvement at a site, e.g. where you previously didn’t have the smart antenna installed then you upgraded and installed the smart antenna?

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Well, on AC radios the smart antenna hasn’t worked at all for most of the firmware versions. So it’s been just like not having the antenna , then you have the antenna, then you don’t. On top of that , even when it’s “technically working” I can’t say that I noticed any difference at all but there is no way I know of to determine if the antenna just doesn’t really do much or if current firmware is still borking it. Since you ask though I went and looked at ours. Currently running 4.6.1 on everything and of the 3 sectors I have with the “smart” antenna only one of them shows it working while the other two show they don’t have one when they do…

So anyway, looking at a radio that was using the “smart” antenna on uplink it had -49 RSSI , 39 SNR , MCS 7 (it’s an F180 N radio so 7 is as good as it gets) and unrestricted uplink speed was 21Mbps (ran it several times, always around that).

So I forced that radio to the sector antenna (which forces the radio drop/reconnect without telling you it’s going to do that but you’re use to it because everything requires ePMP to drop/reboot/reconnect…) Anywho, radio reconnected using sector… nothing changed a single dB or Mbps there was absolutely no detectable difference other than it was using the sector now.

Now I have one AP using DFS channels so the client radios don’t get extra transmit power there so the uplink RSSI / SNR is not nearly as good as non-dfs radios but since that AP is currently claiming it doesn’t have “smart” antenna I can’t test it.

I also can’t tell you how much noise the one that does acknowledge its smart antenna is possibly dealing with because the SA is pretty useless/unreliable…

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