ePMP3000 with 2 x 45 degree sector antennas

Would ePMP3000 with 2 x 45* degree sector antennas pointed at the same azimuth and elevation work OK? Similar to using 2 horns as per ePMP 3000 with RF Elements Horn - #10 by Dmitry_Moiseev ?

I’m asking as I’m not terribly impressed with the gain and received signals from the 4x4 Cambium sector. Symmetrical horns just don’t give enough gain and I’m unable to obtain asymmetrical connectorised horns. All my clients are Force-300-25 or Force 300 CSM

*or 60 degree

I mean, In theory ? The only real difference between the horns and sectors is 2 x Sectors are going to be pretty messy sidelobe / pattern wise.

Might also note that while there have been a couple of people post that they are doing 2 x horns with 3000 and in at least one case the client radios appear to have lots/good groupable/grouping but to me the actual MU is less than expected. Now it’s very possible that MU works just fine and the caps of the bandwidth graphs are just during low usage or conditions were the MU isn’t really kicking in… just saying whether or not you can just strap any 2 antennas aimed the same to a 3000 and MU work as expected is still up in the air IMHO.

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