ePTP backwards compatibility / Force 300 with ePMP 1000

I was hoping someone has had success with using ePTP mode (master/slave) with Force 300 (-13 model) and ePMP 1000 (Force 180).

I have migrated dozens of existing links from TDD mode to ePTP mode IE Force 300 to Force 300 & Force 180 to Force 180. However, when attempting to migrate to ePTP between dissimilar models, they simply won’t connect!

Would appreciate any advice, assuming hardware incompatibility at this stage.

All models running on FW 4.7.

ePTP mode is not compatible between major ePMP hardware revisions. See: Software Incomplatability Error when trying to connect 3000L ePTP Master and ePMP1000 Slave


Yeah, as Eric says the ePTP modes are incompatible :disappointed_relieved: so you’ll basically need to switch them to TDD mode, then you can migrate the units one end at a time, and then swap them back to ePTP once they are all F300’s.

For what it’s worth, we haven’t had great luck with ePTP mode in the F-300s, so we tend to run TDD mode on our Force 300 PTP links anyway.

Agree on the ePTP mode in F300 being quirky, though we have had good luck on 4.6.1 running ePTP on a couple of F300 CSM links Running over 100 days now with no issues.

Thanks all,
No issues with ePTP on the Force 300 with FW 4.7. Went this route as we predominantly run CCTV so the reduced latency is beneficial.

Hi, sorry, I didn’t mean to hijack the thread with our ‘ePTP problems’. :pray: I just meant to say that you’d have to temporarily switch links over to TDD mode in order to upgrade between hardware generations.:slight_smile: