Ethernet locking up with P10 radios....

Hi There,

Anybody else still getting ethernet lockups after upgrading P10 radio units to 8.2 ? I have problems with about 5 to 10 units on our network where replacing the unit with a P8 or P9 solved the problem.


We are facing the exact same problem!, almost all P10’s are acting up on us (2.4Ghz + 5.7Ghz).



Yes, right after we installed 8.2, SM’s set-up with NAT started locking up. We’ve worked around the problem rolling back our P9’s to 8.1.5 and setting the P10’s up without NAT using 8.2.

Check the Event logs, look for “out of buffers” error.

I am now downgrading back to

P9s have the same problem. It is not isolated to P10. It does seem to only affect NAT users though.

This is so silly. Moto seem unable to come out with a release 8 that does not mess our network up.

This is the third time we have upgraded only to face a forced downgrade a few days later.

Come on Moto…pull your socks up!!

For us even without NAT it seems to be locking up and only P10 no problems with P9’s what so ever.

We have a a few P10’s out there (900 and 2.4), no problems as of yet in regards to the Port lock up issue.

This is exactly why we decided not to upgrade until Moto gets there Sh-t together…

It seems that Moto has their pants down around their ankles an awful lot lately in regards to this issue.

*** slowly stepping back out of the room***

Nuff Said!!


It seems to me they are trying to streamline things even more. Trying to build a single radio that will work all over the world (Just need to configure it for your Country), plus changing the POE adapter to one that has interchangeable plugs for different outlets. I can understand why they are doing it, however their product is suffering because of it. Hardware issues, software issuses…Let’s hope they get their sh*t together and get those pants pulled back up.

Lets not get into a bash Motorola session. Regardless of the short or long term issues like NAT, they still have the best product out their. Hopefully they won’t screw it up trying to make it fit every situation in every country. What should have probably been done in the first place was to wright the software to begin with instead of leasing it and having to switch when the system is already out their.

I think the real idiots are the ones who upgrade the software of their whole network immediately after Moto releases a new version of software without testing first. I wait a week or two, then upgrade one AP that has 30 or so sm’s and watch it for a week or two. If all is well then upgrade. If not then don’t. We have about 150 AP’s and 35 BH’s and growing on our system and still have not switched to 8.2.

I agree with you completely Attitude… best product out their for sure… I wouldn’t use anything else… and I have over 500 SMs, APs, BH20s, BH60, in everything from 900 to 5.7 and have very little issu with maintenance. In fact… right at this time their are only 2 of us handling El Paso, TX and Southwest NM through the El Paso Wireless division, and the other offices are about the same… reliability is not a question in our mind!!!

I will not upgrade the network until I test it on MY AP and SM (I have my own AP on a tower just to test upgrades, settings and such with my service first…)

Loving Motorola Canopy!!!


Now tell the truth cmoshier, You won’t upgrade until I allow you too. HA! HA! just kidding, or am I?

Network is running so well on 7.3.6 I just can’t see a reason to upgrade.

I do have a 900 that has been running 8.1.5 up to two days ago when I upgraded to 8.2 and it has been stable the whole time. We are not using NAT though so I have not seen any of the issues related to that.

Any NAT we use is handled by edge router, and we are in the process of switching those customers to Public IP’s anyway. So we really don’t see them either.

Attitude… i don’t like being called an idiot by anyone. I certainly did not call anyone an idiot, least of all yourself.

We NEED to upgrade to version 8 because we NEED port forwarding on NAT.

I don’t think that it is too much to expect that a top vendor such as Motorola gets bugs ironed out of version 8 after a whole year has passed since the first version 8 release.

That you seem happy to accept such service might prompt someone to pass judgement on YOU, but I will refrain.

Hi Vanilla,

This is just to let you know that we have managed to get the 8.2 working in NAT mode by doing 2 things … changing the local ip range and setting the trf rate to 10m full duplex, its worked for us mebbe it will for you to?

This Ethernet Lock Up is really kicking my ass.

Hi we have been experiencing problems with one of our stations - it has a SM as bridge then the AP is smartbridge 3210 and we are loosing the AP and clients but when we reboot the SM from RF side the AP comes back with its clients . we are using 8.2.2 on SM. Have just changed the link speeds to 10 full duplex and 100 full duplex and will monitor now and see what happens - has anyone had this and do you have any other suggestions please?

I have to disagree a little bit with the comment about upgrading just one AP first and SMs and watching it, and then thinking all is well enough to do the whole network.

We do the same thing basically - one small populated tower (since SMs jump around on APs - we use same color code for each AP on a tower). Then we wait a week. If all is well, we do a few more towers and wait. Then we roll out the rest.

But, with 8.x, there has been MUCH reason to “want” this to work really bad. With NAT’d radio problems and ethernet lockup problems sporadically across 8.1.4, and 8.1.5, it doesnt leave a lot of option BUT to get caught in the upgrade madness, wanting to take it next version to see if the problems gets fixed.

I have found the process I described that we use (normally effective - I have been using Canopy since 2002 ! ) to not be bulletproof, because there are some inconsistencies from where it works to when it breaks !! THAT is very difficuult.

And, I agree with everyone who has faith to believe that Motorola WILL and SHOULD get there act together and that the “next thing” will fix it. They claim it does, but it doesnt. And, to have to upgrade every single radio with every single “dot this version and that version” to get it to work perfectly is frustrating. I had a couple SMs (P9s) that somehow slipped through getting every version and those specific ones now have problems that dont go away. They have been downgraded slowly back to 7.3.6, then slowly back and it doesnt help.

This process has GOT to be a LOT cleaner from Motorola. They should be throwing every development programmer they have into fixing whats broke for their valued customers rather then work on the “next big version”.

I know Motorola starts with an “M”, but do they have to act like Microsoft in their software versions policy?

this is where i would normally apologize for the rant, but I wont in this case. :slight_smile:

Paul McCall, PDMNet