External Layer2 Concentrator support

This feature is available from Release 1.0.1 onwards and applicaple when Layer 2 bridging is enabled.

Adding and removing Layer2 GRE headers puts processing overhead on the POP radio. In large mesh, its advisable to use an external device as a L2GRE concentrator. Concentrator could be a Linux server or any router/ switch supporting IPv6 L2GRE tunnels. eg Cisco ASR1000 series / Juniper MX 100. It can also be a POP node in the mesh.Make sure to setup MTU size as 1986 (atleast 1600) on all switches between POP and Tunnel Endpoint. This configuration is present in Network Configuration and is applicable to all the nodes of that site.

Enter IPv6 address of Tunnel Concentrator in Static.

Under Network Configuration.
Select ‘Static’ Tunnel concentrator option and configure external concentrator IPv6 address.


Ubuntu Script for L2 GRE Tunnel
gre.txt (1.2 KB)


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