System requirements for External Layer 2 Concentrator

@Chitrang & @Simon_King have you been able to determine the ideal/max tunnel load count on x86 hardware? Any suggestions you can make in regards to minimum CPU & RAM per X tunnels?

ie. 50 tunnels require 4 cpu & 4GB of ram? Or is that too optimistic and the ideal tunnel count is down around 25?

We are currently working through various benchmarks with our available hardware but it would be beneficial to understand from Cambium their findings as well.

I have a pix505 that does 20 gre tunnels and its a celeron cpu with 128mb ram.

In this I think operating system and package code is most important and making sure you have enough network cards to spread the network load out with nic teaming (bonding in linux speak)

I am interested in what others are seeing for hardware requirements for an external concentrator, at scale…

Its important to determine the bandwidth and number of connections required.
If your doing 200 100mbps connections then you need to move 20gbps in and out. If your doing this with cake or preseem then your going to need at least two 40gbps network cards (this has to do with buss speed not port speed), 32gb ram and a 12core (not 6core 12 thread) x64 cpu. If your also wanting additional shaping or features then you will need to add more ram and cpu cores.
If you are adding any routing or encryption then you will of course need more CPU cores.