External Portal Post Through cnMaestro(cloud not self hosted)

I am looking to integrate an external hotspot server to cnMastro ( cloud).

Wondering if I can use “External Portal Post Through cnMaestro” option for that?

I can see it will work for on-premise cnMaestro, but couldn’t see if it’s supported on cloud

This feature is available in cloud cnMaestro too. Please find the integration document attached.

Integrating External Captive Portal with Cloud cnMaestro API.pdf (838.7 KB)

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Thanks @Anandakrishnan . Does this work only if I have cnMaestro-X?

Yes, RESTful API is a licensed feature.

Thanks, does that mean if I don’t have a cnMaestro-X license, I can’t use the “External Portal Post Through cnMaestro” option ?