Integrating External Captive Portal with On-Premise cnMaestro API

Guest access WLAN is designed specifically for BYOD (Bring your own device) setup, where large organizations have both staff and guests running on same WLAN or similar WLANs. Cambium Networks Provides different options to the customers to achieve this based on where the captive portal page is hosted and who will be validating and performing authentication process.

In this document, we will be specifically talking about External Hotspot integrating with on-premise cnMaestro to securely POST the user credentials to authenticate the user using External RADIUS

Since the secure POST needs installation of certificate and installing certificate in each AP’s in a big deployment is not straightforward, we are providing the option to install certificate in a single point(cnMaestro) for the whole network. Another benefit is this option also opens up the flow where the external portal can directly POST to cnMaestro and have the login flow completely done between client and the external portal which gets ways the issues with cross origin requests which are getting slowly blocked on browsers.

Integrating External Captive Portal with On-Premise cnMaestro API.pdf (589.1 KB)