Factory Default To load Configuration file

Hello all,

I was wondering if it is possible to have override the factory default behavior of the R190 and R200 routers so that it comes back online after a factory reset with custom configuration file?

Right now, after a factory reset, we need to access the routers locally and load our exported configuration files to have the router back in a configured state.

As we manage hundreds of theses router and deploy more all the time I would be easier if they came back after a factory reset our set standard config.

please let me know if this is possible.

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Yes right now this option is not available, please talk to your local Cambium Account manager to pursue with the engineering team. 


Sorry, we have this feature available in R-Series from 4.5-R7 image. will publish tech writeup how to make use of this feature.

that would be super awesome and save me a ton of time.  Thank you so much

Hi ,

Please use below link to configure custom factory default setting .




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En Masse this might be better to do with cnmaestro. Whenever our customers reset their router we click re-sync in the cloud and it pushes the correct config file from our template to the router with the correct default override variables (ssid/wifipass etc) 

There is also an option to automatically sync the config with the cloud so if the customer presses reset, it will automatically see it is out-of-sync and the cnmaestro cloud automatically pushes the config out to the router. 

The automatic function is however broken until the next firmware release due to a bug where devices go out of sync for no reason and reboot often. 

After one router is setup to load our custom configuration is there a way to easily apply this configuration to several routers in a batch so we can prepare them in our office before sending them into the field to customer sites?

I think you might be able to accomplish this with TR-069. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m looking into doing this currently. You would apply a DHCP option to get the ACS server location, then apply your configuration via ACS server.