Feature Request: Antenna Path

Just wondering if it would at all be possible to add the antenna path and coverage area on the map?  

Hi sherwoodj28 -- thanks for the post. Enhancing this type of visibility is on our priority list, but it is difficult to define the specific release.

Thanks.  This is an interesting suggestion.  Can you provide some sample screenshots of what you are envioning for each?  The antenna path and the coverage area?  

Something like this 'Ideas' suggestion?



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Sector coverage would be cool. Something also like a basic path analysis would be nice to have built into cnMaestro too.

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Thats exactly what I am talking about newkirk.  It really great if we could set azmiuth, distance, beamwidth, and sector color (too much?).  

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For some reason I thought they were looking at introducing LinkPlanner elements into cnMaestro already, I imagined what you are discussing would have been part of that..

Well if I was incorrect I definately support this.

It could be done like Linkplanner where you can set the colors via Frequency used. Other than that you select the antenna Beamwidth and Azimuth to showon the map the coverage, than add a manual Tilt field for record.

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Appreciate the discussion here.  This is something that is in planning but we don't have a committed date.

"It really great if we could set azmiuth, distance, beamwidth, and sector color".....

Assuming that Link Planner was wasn't initially available, what methods would you suggest to define the "distance" for a single or network of AP sectors?  (i.e. use max range setting on AP, common setting for all APs in cnMaestro map, etc.)?

Also, regarding frequencies and colors, typically, how many different frequencies/colors do you view at once?  Just looking to avoid showing too many colors at one time (to the point where it is cluttered).  Suggestions?

Personal opinion:  Azimuth of the sector antenna, and beamwidth of the sector, should be data fields we can edit/save on the AP itself.

Then the azimuth, beamwidth, frequency, and max distance can simply be polled from the AP itself.

As for sector color, there's many possible answers - the one I've favored in my own efforts is to map the possible channels against a full ROYGBIV spectrum.  That way, 906MHz and 907MHz will be close to - but not exactly - the same shade (helpful for recognizing interference in overlapping sectors) while 906MHz and 924MHz will be, say, red and blue.

The color-mapping end of things would be best controlled inside cnMaestro, possibly offering options of palettes used.  (My boss is color-impaired, which I try to take into account when color-coding different aspects of our monitoring)


I would be happy if we only had a selection of 6 or 8 different colors.

Hi Emilio,

I would like distance to be set via polling the radio too, but I would also like a over ride button. Or just make it a manual setting, something you can add in when provisioning it on cnMaestro maybe.

For GPS sync to work on a network does not all the distanced on AP's have to be set the same? If this is so the distance we set on a AP is not neceassarily the distance we cover by all AP's.

For Frequency / colors I would go with the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors giving a pallete of 12 colors to use.

Beasmwidth I would imagine would be a manual setting as there us no option I can see in the radio that lets you set the antenna's beamwidth on it, would be a good feature to add to the ePMP firmware I guess. Add all the common sector beamwidths and use a dropdown to select, then this could be polled.

As for Azimuth again a manual setting, how else would you get this correct without using a tool. For us we use the following: http://www.maser.co.nz/telecommunications/antenna-alignment-tools

Hope this feedback helps.

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