Site sectors coverage on map in cnMaestro

It would be great to see sectors coverage on map in cnMaestro management system,maybe  as  simple  overlay based on  preconfigured sector antenna angle.

Like  this:

This would be much easier if my suggestion from over a year ago were actually achieved - ability to set azimuth and sector width in the AP radio.


This is a good idea - it'd be great to be able to use cnMaestro to be able to visualize the beamwidth. However, if this is tricky for Cambium to program in, or if it's difficult to implement for some reason, then this alternative idea might be simpler or more doable.

So, what I was thinking about there is simply to have cnMaestro display the Azimuth between the AP and SM.  Then we can know ourselves which sector is more suitable...   if it's more or less than 45 degrees off center, we'll be able to know by seeing the Azimuth numerically.

And maybe it'll be simpler to program than a full-on graphical sector display?

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It would be great if you could combine multipoint planning features from Link Planner to cnMaestro. It could be a useful tool for support and network planning.

We are working on thsi feature and would like your help to see how real world deployments look with our implementation, in terms of the colors we select. 

If you have the GPS coordinates, azhimuth, frequency and bandwidth of your APs in a simple format like xls or csv, please send it to 

This feature is available.

In the map view, set the SHOW SECTOR to Yes.  Click on an AP or tower to see the AP sectors.

Make sure that each AP has it's Azimuth and Beamwidth configured on it's CONFIGURE screen.

Lastly, if you want to bulk import the beamwidth and azimuth data for many PMP/ePMP APs, check out the CSV Import feature on the Inventory page.  This should save you some time.