Feature request: Automate operations for autoprovisioning PMP (zero touch configuration)

Hi all. We have cnMaestro on premises. We want that this tool help wisp to automate some tasks to spend less time in installations at least first two points are useful for all wisps to avoid unnecessary operations.

here is the flow
1) Automatic onboarding (if there's already a Cambium id why have I to onboard manually?)

2) With Onboarding Key the possibility to push firmware to a device when device connect to Maestro (firmware coul be choosen based on Cambium id)
3) Applying a configuration file contained in a folder called as the MAC address of the SM (or possibly a default template for other operators such as a golden file)
4) the operator's ability to put a template through ssh access to the master. (or via API)

Implementation in itself seems to require minimal effort and is powerful to save time if you want to go to a single tool management / configuration tool



Hi Massi1,

Thank you for your feedback and detailed flow charts.  I've forwarded this to the rest of the of the engineering team to discuss.

Regarding point 2 for automatically pushing a firmware when the device connects to cnMaestro, there is an option to do this when devices first contact cnMaestro.  In Application -> Settings -> Automatically Update Device Software, you can select a global firmware target for devices based on device type (PMP, ePMP, cnPilot Enterprise, cnPilot Home).  Does this feature address the firmware update portion of your request? 

Hi Jordan, thank you for reply

I see that feature but I have an older version of cnMaestro so I don't test it (have you to onboard device before upgrade? Because if you have to onboard it, you can push also manually when onboard the SMs). The feature address the firmware update for our needs but the possibility to upgrade firmware based on Cambium id is more selective.

Wisps could have different Cambium ID and different firmware choices not only for device type, for example if you want to test a new firmware only in one base station you coul assign a different Cambium ID to that Base Station SMs.

SMs that connect to that tower will have new firmware, instead all of the others site still remain with old firmware with a different cambium id.

This feature is for when the device initially connects to cnMaestro for onboarding.

I suggest that you also submit this to the ideas section to give it further visibility and so this does not get lost in the forum.


Thank you Jordan, I post again in the topic that you suggest.


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