Feature request: Schedule backup configurations

Hi all, could be useful a schedule task that backup the configuration of all imported devices. If a device is broken wisp can access to the last configuration with cnMaestro and push it to new device.

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Thank you for your suggestion.  We are in the process of designing a solution for device configuration backup en masse.

Jordan - Thanks for the reply and the fact the team is working on a scheduled backup, BUT... before any other scheduled anything feature, how about we get the ability to do a scheduled firmware and cofiguration push.  Seems to me this should have been at the top of most of the other releases since the original, where that lack of this "feature" was noted.  Feature? No - an absolute necessity and gross oversight.  My two cents worth.  

End rant!  

Thank you Jordan, this is a good news.

I confirm that a scheduled firmware upgrade could be very useful Luis.

For configuration push you have to do a template or pushing it by hand accessing to the device. (I refer to PMP world in this case)

for sure your suggestion is right because template and pushing configuration file accessing the device could be done better, but this could be done if you have configuration first and an easy way to push it to device.

Thank you both for your feedback.  I will reiterate your request for scheduling support for configuration and software update to the team.  I suggest you also upvote items related to this that are already in the Ideas section if you have not done so already.  This improves visibility when choosing features to prioritize.