Firmware 4.7 para forcé 300

Buenas tardes a todos

Quién tiene la versión 4.7 de cambium para los force 300 para el tema multipuntos le agradezco su colaboración mi WhatsApp es +57 3158314363 o correo

Note that you will need to join the ePMP Beta program to download that file:

More details here:

le.coloque ese pero solo me aparece un cliente

Is that the same problem as described here?

If so, I think it’s under investigation.

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Yes Force 300C is affected with the same bug.

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Yeap. This is the known issue. It will be fixed in stable release.

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buenas tardes tengo un force 300-csm para conecterizar pero lo actualice en beta y no deja hacer multipunto solo un cliente en cambio el force 300-19r si deja 12 supcritores

es de cir para la force 300-csm no ahi version para que funcione en modo pmp

gracias por su atencion

Google Translate:

good afternoon I have a force 300-csm to connect but I updated it in beta and it does not allow multipoint only one client instead the force 300-19r if it leaves 12 subscribers

it is from cir for the force 300-csm there is no version to work in pmp mode

thanks for your attention

This is a known issue and the fix has not been released yet:

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