Force 300 CSM only accepts one client in 4.7 Beta

@Fedor (or anyone else)
I have a Force 300csm which has been running 4.6.2 in AP mode for some time with 1 client. I now need to connect a second client. We have built a new tower, and are moving the SM location, and need to do it with zero downtime. So, the plan was to upgrade to 4.7 and to set it to 2 clients, and allow both the old SM on the old tower, and the new SM on the new tower to both be connected, while we do the routing and move everything across to the new tower.

However… on the Force300csm AP running 4.7-RC15, the ‘Max Registrations’ is greyed out, and will only allow 1 SM to connect.


Anyone have any idea why that’s not working?

Without this working, I’ll have to climb the ‘master’ tower, and add a second AP, and use another channel, so that I can get both the old SM and the new SM on the new tower temporarily working at the same time while I cut all the gear & routing across.

Force 300 CSM is affected with bug in 4.7RC firmware (max registration is only 1 SM module). Other units like Force 300-13, 300-19 is not affected with this bug (max. registration is 12 SM modules)


Thank you Majk. Does anyone have (or know if) a later firmware resolved this bug? I have 4.7-RC15 which still has the 300csm bug. Is there a more recent RC which resolved this 300csm bug? :crossed_fingers::pray:


Hi, @ninedd!
I will PM you

RC with fix was not published.

OK, Thanks Andrii — that saved me a couple climbs and builds and un-builds. Thank you, thank you!

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Please share the RC with fix. I need it also.
Thanks in advance.

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I have an application where I want to connect two or three Force 300-13 to one Force 300-13 AP. Where are we on this application now. I used the Beta 4.7 and is show I can register 12 SM modules but it is asking for a key to connect more than one. How do I obtain the key?

Could you give a screenshot where it is asked?

I’m running 4.7RC14

Elevate licenses are only needed if you want to connect “elevated” UBNT or Mikrotik CPEs. They are not needed in your situation.



everything is fine with you radio! Jacob is right.

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