FM / AM transmitters

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FM / AM transmitters can degrade the throughput of sectors that are very close, especially in uplink?

Mayor problem of FM transmitters and their huge antenna arrays on towers IMHO is on ethernet cables.

Please prepare yourself to double check CRC errors on LAN ports and to use S/FTP cables.

5 Likes is one of the previous discussions (2014) on the subject of FM causing ethernet trouble.  We very rarely have trouble with that now since rolling out the use of the ferrite rings.

We've not (yet) seen any problems on the RF side with the APs, just the ethernet side.



My Advice.

Stay away from AM towers if at all possible.  You will have folks who will tell you it's possible, but it is a major PITA.  It's not worth it unless that's the only tower that can bring in major money.

FM towers, it depends on mounting location and power.  On almost every FM tower we do Fiber up to a switch and the short, very shielded cat-6 out to the radios.  The problem is the ethernet interference, not wireless.

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