Follow Me Feature Information

I can these links on the forum for the PMP450 Follow Me feature:
Option to disable Follow Me feature
FollowMe feature improvement
And this link PMP 450i 900Mhz tells me the feature was introduced in Ver 16.1:

However the PMP 450 Archive only goes back to 16.2!!!

So pray, where might I find any details on this feature?
I have also searched this PDF below (would expect to find here no?) and a few others.
Any help much appreciated!!!

What is your question? The follow me feature is pretty self explanatory and is not included in the configuration guide because it’s not a configurable setting. It is always on and cannot be disabled.

Without any notes/articles I assume this will work as follows.
I have edited by questions with info and inferences I make from the posts mentioned above (and any others that I find):

Lets assume an SM boots for the first time and does not follow any AP since it is newly configured so have to history of connecting to any AP.
It connects to AP1 by method not including any follow me influence. (I am not sure what this non follow me method is in fact. Presumably like classic Wifi the SM will choose the AP with the best signal that it can see)
Then that connection is ended either by

  • AP1 powering down/configured channels change/other; or
  • SM powering down/configured channels change/other or
  • Some other reason for connection loss e.g. signal loss big truck drives in the way/other

The SM presumably remembers the last AP (AP1) even if it is rebooted.
So the SM if is detects AP1 will attempt to reconnect to it regardless of other factors e.g. signal strength etc.

These are the questions that occur to me to better understand:
Q1 What are the non follow me criteria/method for first boot that an SM would use to choose AP1 in the first place? I seem to recall the SM would scan it’s configured frequencies and be governed by its color code and ICC if configured.
Q2 If color code is changed would that override follow me? That would me sense to me but not sure. Edit - This post FollowMe feature improvement states

I really like the FollowMe feature and would love if it could be extended to Color Codes.

This suggests to me that Color codes overrides Follow me. Correct interpretation?

Q3 Edit - Deleted. Overlap with Q1
Q4 Is there any messaging between AP1 and the SM in respect of follow me ever? Under what circumstances?
Edit - In PMP 450i 900Mhz there is a post by you Eric saying the following:

Yes there’s a new version, 16.1… and it fixes a number of issues and adds some really cool features like auto contention slots (which you should enable on all your AP’s), and follow me feature, which makes channel changes quick and easy as SM’s will follow/jump to the new channel nearly immediatly.

This suggests there is in fact some messaging happening an AP1 > SM Follow Me message to another frequency. Are there any other messages? Wait for me I am reloading?

Q5 How else might SM memory of AP1 affect it? e.g. I …think… I recall reading SM would first check the last frequency that it connected to AP1 on. True? Only if cannot find AP1 on the frequency then do the normal scan?

Appreciate any responses as always…

pmp-2691_000v005.pdf (1.3 MB)

In fact I have the 16.1 release notes must have googled it or something.
Here are the 2 relevant pages from it below.
All you need to know I think!
Some of this would be useful in the Config Guide IMHO…