Force 180 served as standard WIFI AP. It is possible?

Hi guys,

I have 2 extra Force 180 units and I'm wondering either it can be used as a standard WIFI AP for clients?

I tried to enable it but still can't detect it via mobile phone/laptop (support both 2.4 & ghz).

Radio Mode : Access Point
Drive Mode : Standard WiFi
WLAN : Enabled
Country : Other
Max Registrations Allowed : 120
Operating Frequency : 5555 MHz
Operating Channel Bandwidth : 20 MHz
Transmitter Output Power :10 dBm
Antenna Gain : 16 dBi
Downlink CTS : Enabled
Uplink RTS/CTS : Enabled
RTS Threshold : 2346




Configuration looks good.

Except Operating Frequency : 5555 MHz. It is not standard Wi-Fi channel.

Please try to use 5550 or 5560 MHz.

Thank you.

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If your phone supports 802.11n in 5ghz ( most dont) i would try a laptop that does.

The fix is works perfectly.

Beside 5550 and 5560, any other standard wave supported?

I have few units spare and wondering if I can do 360 degree coverage (3 units) without interference to each other? 


You can find list of standard channels for 5 GHz for exemple in Wikipedia:

Thank you.

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Thank you guys for the really helpful to setup my Network topology.