Force 200 2.4 dbi

I am just wondering the dbi of the force 200 2.4ghz. Its says 17dbi but when I compare it a nanobridge m2 which they state is 18dbi the force is a bigger dish/radio setup. So is UBNT not accurate on their DBI.

I would also like to point out that I really love the design of the force and how easy it is to put together. Cant wait to get my entire 2.4 network changed over. 


The differences could be because the UBNT radio has a slightly different beam pattern, possibly the feed horn is positioned differently. Also, UBNT doesn't list their F/B ratio, cross polarization ratio, etc. Possibly Cambium used a slightly more conservative value for their antenna gain in order to allow for a slightly higher TX power on the radio. There's a lot of little differences that can lead to the antennas being +-1dBi difference.

In any case, the Force 200's are working great for us... we've swapped a huge number of Airmax 2.4 and PMP100 2.4 over to ePMP.... so far so good!


We've swapped out 10 more 2.4Ghz clients last week over to Cambium ePMP.  Clients are seeing MUCH better performance - our old (non-Cambium) gear was struggling to even deliver 1-2 Mbit at peak times. We had kinda resigned ourselves to ''oh well, that's 2.4Ghz and with all the noise, what can you expect?"  Besides, with all the trees we have here, there's not a lot of choice, right? 

WRONG.  Switch to Cambium ePMP - same clients and in many cases, we've removed the non-Cambium gear and used the connectorized ePMP1000's and use their existing mounts and their existing antennas.  We can now get 20-25+ Mbit at peak usage times to these same clients using only a 10 Mhz channel width now with Cambium ePMP in 2.4Ghz.

One thing it would be good to see in cnMaestro...   it'd be great to see the Azimuth displayed.  cnMaestro already displays the AP and SM's location, and it already calculates and displays the distance - so it should be simple math to also display the Azimuth. That would really help for those customer's who are near the edge of a couple sectors - it'd be great to have cnMaestro tell me if that customer is at 42 degrees or 48 degrees and we could then determine what is the best sector to connect them to.

This client for example is 9:42 KM away - and it'd be helpful to see her Azimuth displayed right under the ''Distance: 9.42km" 

PS - I've gone to the ''Your Ideas'' area and added it as a suggestion. Everyone Kudo/Vote for this if you'd like the idea and would like to see that implemented.  :)