Force 200 5G in Action

Using one of our famous 24’ Pipe setups.  -68 at 4.47 miles through some trees, shooting just to the right of that big tree nearby.  10MB account.


You win a free Force 200 5 GHz! Congratulations!

Looks good, Ben! That tree is really putting it to the test!

does that pipe hold up in wind?   if so were do we get some of those !?

It is a one piece 24' pipe?

Yes, the pipe holds up pretty good.  It's a very rigid pipe, 24' x 1.9" with a .095" wall.  We special order them from a pipe company near us.  Back in the day we used to custom make 20' pipes by welding 2, 10' pipes together, but that was time consuming and they were very heavy.  This option is a much better version of that type of installation.

Yep, they are a solid 24' pipe, custom ordered.

how do you bury the wire over?

In a lot of cases we would use a 600SS at the pipe, and then run direct burial cable to the home.

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send pic of link my friend pls