Force 400c 40/80mhz 15 miles limitation on linkplanner still accurate?

Hi i just got my hands on 2 pair of 400c. I have a link of 17.5 miles and when i check with linkplanner they tell me i cannot use it at 40/80 mhz over 15 miles. Is it still the case with the last version of firmware? I plan to replace the radio of this link monday so if someone can tell me if is sill the case…

Max Range is 20 miles (32 kms). The link will auto-adjust for the current range of the link.


Hello, can you share more details of your experience with this Force400c model? We are thinking of buying a link to test, but I would like to know if you notice the difference with previous or older models? if you can place several captures it would be incredible! thank you very much for your help! much success for you!

hi i install it look good but one side of the link i was suppose to do was shorter of over 30 feet of what they tell me so my link got some obstruction… I install it anyway but plan to move to another place next week.

When you have more experience with the Force 400, let me know your review. Thank you!

is funny you send me a message this morning. We plan to get another one in function this morning

Is there any distance limitations again? For force 400c?

20 miles or 32 Km is the limit on ePTP mode

What about TDD, Is there any distance limitations ?

I have 38 kilometers with 80 MHz TDD

My mistake
Only now do I see that it was a question of force 400 and not force 300
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Hi ,

Currently Force 400 series does not supports TDD mode.

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Hi, what is your experience with the Force 400, is it working fine at 17.5 miles? thank you

what antennas are you using ?