Force 400c Ethernet Negotiation

Hi all, have a force 400c acting up and downgrading to 100mbps negotiation, first time it did it I remotely rebooted unit and it was good. now it went back to 100mbps negotiation and reboot did not solve it. will be truck rolling but wanted to post this. Running 5.4.2


Hi, @DigitalMan2020

Let me suggest to check the grounding of the devices. There was a post some time ago that Ethernet Port Speed went down over a poor grounding on F300CSM ePMP Force 300 CSM problem


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Don’t waste your time and nerves trying to fix something that is impossible.
You have an SFP interface and go to optics.
Keep the LAN cable for POE only.
One ePMP 3000 AP was giving me problems, fiber optic cable solves the problem.


@Andrii_Telehin, we truck rolled and I bypassed the cambium surge protector and problem went away. So possibly the protector is not grounded well enough or the unit itself… I’m pretty sure the unit is grounded fine. Thank you for your reply.

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Thank you for your reply, I will consider this.

@Andrii_Telehin so the unit went back to 100mbps negotiation, so Im wondering if its the unit itself.

@DigitalMan2020 do you have any spare device to replace for checking? Or, perhaps, replace wire and a switch (whatever is on the other end of the wire) to isolate the issue?

What would this be indicating…