Force 400c Tech File

Hi all, I have deployed x4 400c radios and I cannot download the tech file from any of them, anyone seen or have this issue? I have them in as ptp links, replaced ptp 550 radios for the 400c and noticed that I could not choose 5745 (using 40mhz), even though the ptp 550 was able to use 5745 . So want to submit ticket to cambium but cannot download the tech file.


So did you set up the 400c radios from scratch or did you upload the config from the 550’s they were replacing ? I replaced a 550 link with 400c and just uploaded the config from the 550s to the 400c’s and even though everything appeared to go fine there were some problems caused by that. I ended up defaulting the 400c’s and reconfiguring them from scratch.

Otherwise maybe try rebooting or up/down grading the firmware oorrr the ever popular ePMP ritual of deleting your browser cach/cookies/history or open the radios in a different browser that has never opened up radios at those addresses before (and thus should not have anything cached/saved for them)


Thank you for your reply, I set them up from scratch , ill delete the browser stuff and see. Thank you!

Well I feel dumb, just needed to delete browser cach/cookies/history, appreciate it!


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