Frequency Reuse problem ?

Recently i gave a try on Frequency Reuse on two of my sectors (epmp3000 with cambium 90/120 antennas). These are  installed in back to back and i set the first as front and the other as back on Frequency Reuse tab. It seems to operated alright but i have seen that i lost a SM on back sector . If i revert the front and back selection on my sector i lost two SM on other sector .. Please note that rssi is ok (between -58 and -63) and all recomended settings have been applied on both ap.

Are the AP's physically very close together? Are the clients very close to the tower?

What's the AP's Subscriber Module Target Receive Level set to?

Lastly, if you haven't already, check out this guide for GPS sync and frequency reuse for ePMP.

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The ap have space between them bigger than 1m. The target  recieve level is -65, the closer sm distance to ap is 1km and the longer sm is on 10km away from ap.I am loosing  the sm on the ap with the front sector setting. If i reverse this setting on my aps im loosing 2 sm on the other ap. If i set the  back sector setting on both aps i managed to keep registered all of my SMs but maybe i;ll have interference problems..

It makes sense to check with what RSSI levels problematic SMs can see both APs.

Thank you.

1M back to back is not far enough! We tried this and failed horribly! What we found is if you can touch both antennas at the same time then they are too close. F/B ratio is checked 180deg from the center of the forward propgation direction, does not include back lobes nor specific distance. Getting the antennas farther away and properly aligned against eachother helps a lot! 

Check your SM's that go missing, maybe they can see a back lobe off the other AP antenna which will null your signal seen on the AP, distance regardless unless your right at the tower! Setting all AP's in a network that point the same geo-direction to the same setting and all opposing AP's to the other. Reboot both AP's at the same time and do not use DFS channels if you can as the hold off timers are not sync'd.