Google Map Errors

If you have errors with the embedded Google Map in LINKPlanner, it's important to note the following:

- The map only works on the Windows version. We have no plans to support it on the Mac version at this stage (it was too unstable and gave rendering errors).
- The map only works if you have Internet Explorer 11 installed. Google no longer support older versions of IE, so if you are running an older version then you will get script errors. We have to use IE as the embedded browser on Windows at this moment in time.
- Google are phasing out support for IE altogether, this is why you get the annoying banner at the top of the map (see below). We can't control this and our only options are to switch to a different map provider or to disable the Google Map. For now you can just click on "Dismiss" to hide the banner for that session.


Hopefully that will clear up any issues that you may be having with the map.



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maybe it's connected to the error that you've described, here is my problem:

I have Win7 with IE11 installed. Any version of LinkPlanner (4.6.3 and 4.8.1) has the same problem - when I start zooming in&out within the google maps view, LinkPlanner crashes without any notification.

I can't understand from the LOG file for any reason. I can't find anything in the Windows Event Viewer or in Kaspersky antivirus.

Attached please find LOG file.

Best regards,


Hi Gregor,

Try running the console version of LINKPlanner. It may show an error that isn't being written to the log file since the crash appears to be related to the embedded IE window.

- Click Start -> Run (or hold down the Windows key + R)

- Enter "cmd" and click OK

- In the LINKPlanner installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Cambium Networks\LINKPlanner) there is a file called LinkPlannerConsole.exe. Drag and drop this exe onto the cmd shell and press return.

Then run LINKPlanner as normal and try to force the crash. If it crashes, send the result to

You can also try clearing out some IE cache files that LINKPlanner uses. To do this:

- Close LINKPlanner if it is running

- Click Start -> Run (or hold down the Windows key + R)

- Enter "%APPDATA%\LINKPlanner" and click OK

- Delete the "modules" directory

When LINKPlanner starts it will recreate the "modules" directory with the files that it needs.



Hello Andy,

thank you for your help.

It seems to work fine now. In case of problems I'll send you the required data.

Best regards,


Link Planner e  Google Eart dando erro ao carregar, depois de instalado o internet explorer 11 funcionou 100%, Pra mim problema que se arrastava a um bom tempo resolvido !!!