Google Map

Unable to run google map on link to enable it. thanks for your reply

Hi Julius.

We haven’t used a Google Map for some time now. The online map uses ESRI map layers.

If you are using the Mac version of LINKPlanner, then the online map is not available. However, if you are using the Windows version of LINKPlanner then it should appear automatically. If you have problems on Windows then checkout this suggestion from syadom - Link Planner google maps crash, resolution?



Hi Andrew,

Thanks for replying to my inquiry.
I would like to ask regarding the ealign on the epmp 1000 adaio because my RSSI is -75(ch0-78dBm,Ch1-77Dbm
peak RSSI is -72. my signal is dropping even though I push the power on my radio the distance bet. my Station and SM is 4miles. and i set my radio at 5mile.can you help me with this .

thank you
Julius Teves

Hi Julius,

Sorry, I can’t help in this instance. Try posting on the ePMP forum.