Guest access authentication for Google domains

We are looking to set up "remote learning" APs in semi-public locations around a community we serve in conjunction with the local school system. Long story short, we are looking for a way to authenticate their students to leave the APs available for them and not general public access. They use Google classroom and all of the students have google accounts for their online platform set up by the school admins.

Has anyone tied cnMaestro to Google managed domains for authentication, or know if it's easily doable? We have an on-premise server running MSP that we would set up an account for the school and work with them to get the AP's properly configured.

Hi Nicholas, 

         Please find the community post on how to integrate cnMaestro based Guest Access using social logins like Google/FB etc.. 



If you are looking for G Suite support then it's not there which would have worked in allowing login only to google accounts for the school.