guest portal problems with VLAN

I have a wireless network with e410s. I have the network configuration on VLAN as shown in the image "ConfVLANNetwork-2019071900.PNG".
Below is the description of the VLANs:
VLAN 1: LAN network
VLAN 3: Guest network
VLAN 8: Mobile network
VLAN 9: access point administration network

If "Guest access" is activated with "Portal mode" on "cnMaestro" whoever connects to the Guest network does not navigate and the authentication page does not appear but the clients correctly receive the configurations from the DHCP server.
If you disable the "Guest access" the navigation works correctly.

Thanks for your time.

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I have forwarded this to our support and product teams.


    Please share the error when webpage is not loading. For cnMaestro based portal mode to work, Guest portal needs to be created on the cnMaestro and all the  webpages(ACCESS(Free-Paid-Voucher)/SPALSH(Theme)) needs to be saved. Please save all the webpages and try again. 

On a seperate note, can you please explain the need to VLAN 1 and VLAN 9. Assuming AP gets IP address from VLAN1 and VLAN 1 is configured native, the reason for a seperate AP administraion VLAN is not necessary. 



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the guest portal was already configured as instructions.
The default network (VLAN 1) is full and I have to move the management of the devices into a dedicated network.

For any other information available, thank you for your help.

Can you invite me to your cloud account..

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I send the invitation.

I am testing the guest access on the AP group "APGrOfficeTest"

Thank you


Any solution of this ?

We are trying to do the same for E400 and encoutner the same problem.

We configure the device native network: VLAN 3, Guest network VLAN 22. Everything works fine without enable the Guess Access feature. Guest connected to WIFI SSID able to obtain VLAN 22 DHCP IP and able to access to Internet.

Once enable the Guest network for Internal or cnMaestro, the client not able to access to Internet, not redirect to the Captive portal, not able to ping to Internet unless we include the IP in the whitelist.

The same guess captive portal setup in cnMaestro is working fine when connect to the E400 AP that only has single VLAN.

I found another post seem to have similar problem:

The finding was: 

Problem was, vlan interface did not have an IP assigned on cnpilot. Needed to have a static IP set. 


Does the solution refer to the static IP for the Guest VLAN (in our case is VLAN 22) ?? We need to add the VLAN 22 in the cnPilot and assign a static IP for it ?


I logged in your cloud account and checked your "AP group"(APGrOfficeTest) configuration.

With our device "Vlan 1" should not be deleted for Captive portal to work, you can configure any native vlan and trunk allowed vlan's but please keep "vlan 1" as a dummy one. Found "Vlan1" is deleted in your AP group config, please create "vlan 1" and try to do captive portal, it should work fine. Please revert back if you still face the issue.

Please check screenshot.




Thanks, my problem solved by adding back the VLAN 1.

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thanks for the answer, I load the screen with the change and the captive portal works but I don't solve my problem because the access point will occupy an IP of the VLAN network 1. I need not to occupy IP of the network under VLAN 1.

How can I solve it?