How do I change the Management VLAN and IP address for cnMatrix Switches

Summary: This article describes how to change the Management VLAN and IP address on a cnMatrix Switch via cnMaestro and the Switch CLI.

Note: It is not recommended to make a change to the Management IP address remotely. Ensure you have some method of local access (such as a console cable) so if the Switch becomes inaccessible, you can recover it. Alternatively, if you have no option other than to make the change remotely, use the Scheduled Reboot option so that if your configuration fails and you lose access, as long as you do not save the configuration, after the Scheduled Reboot occurs, the configuration will go back to the previous configuration and you can reattempt the change.


  1. Login to your cnMaestro account

  2. Click the Devices menu item from the left side menu


  3. Click the Switch tab and select the Switch you wish to change the Management VLAN and IP of


  4. Select the Configuration tab and expand Advanced Settings

  5. On the VLANs tab, you can Add a new VLAN or modify an existing VLAN to add or remove IP addresses.

  6. Before applying the configuration, ensure the Default Gateway is reachable from your new Management IP address by clicking the IP Routes tab

  7. Click Apply Configuration to push out your change


  1. Login to the Switch via PuTTy or similar SSH terminal application

  2. Type the following commands to create a new L3 interface (assuming you have already created a Layer 2 VLAN and applied it to the necessary ports)

    configure terminal
    interface vlan <vlan>
    IP address <IP_address> <subnet mask>
    no shutdown



    To change the Default Gateway to match your new Management VLAN

    configure terminal
    ip route <defaultgateway>


    CLI2 (1)

  3. Test that you are able to access via the new management IP address and once you are happy, shutdown the previous L3 Management interface

    config terminal
    interface vlan <vlan>


    CLI3 (1)

  4. Once you are happy that everything is working, save the configuration

    copy running-config startup-config