How do I schedule a cnMatrix Switch reboot in CLI

Summary: This article describes how to schedule a Switch reboot. This functionality is particularly useful if you are making connectivity changes to the Switch remotely and need a fallback in case the configuration does not work and you lose access to the Switch. As long as the configuration changes you made were not saved, after a reboot, the Switch will use its last saved configuration.

  1. Login to the Switch via an SSH Application such as PuTTy

  2. Type show clock to confirm the current time on the Switch. If it is not correct, you will need to use an SNTP server to synchronise the correct time.


  3. The Switch can be scheduled to reboot at a set time and date. The criteria for this is below

    reload at HH:MM Day of Month and Month

    For example

    reload at 14:40 20 december


    You can also add a reboot reason comment (as a single string, no spaces), which will appear in the Reboot Reason in the description (can be found in show system information output).

    For example

    reload at 14:40 20 december reason planneddowntime



    You can also schedule the reboot to happen in a certain amount of hours or minutes, (HHH:MM). For example, if I wanted to set the reboot to happen in 5 minutes, I would use the below command.

    reload in 00:05


    Finally, you can cancel any scheduled reboot by using the reload cancel command


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