How often do you change device passwords?

Anyone would agree that network security is of utmost importance.  Yet it's easy to get caught in the day-to-day operations of keeping your busines running smoothly, putting out the occasional fire and, at the same time, aquiring new customers.  Remembering to periodically change device administrative passwords can easily get overlooked.  Before you know it, your network has been running with the same passwords much longer than you ever anticipated. 

Did you know that with cnMaestro, mass updates to device adminitrative passwords can be centrally managed?  Mass updates can be pushed out regularly with ease.

If using cnPilot, updating the AP Group's  "Management" settings ensures that all APs operate witht the latest passwords and the same security settings.


Deploying PMP or ePMP?  Check out the community forum links below that describe how to create templates to mass update administratvie passwords on those platforms as well.



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