How to add TX 2000 switches to LINKPlanner

LINKPlanner supports the TX2000 switch range from V5.5.0. These are added to the network sites and can be defined either on the network site or on a hub site. They are not available for subscriber sites.

Adding a switch

To add a switch to an individual network site, select the site and in the section Bill of Materials for Switch select “Add TX2000 Switch”.

To add a switch to several or all network sites, select the sites required in the Network Sites node in the tree and right click to access the menu options, select Add/Edit TX2000 Switch.


To add a switch to a hub site, select the hub site and select “Add TX2000 Switch” from the Bill of Materials for hub section.

Defining switch equipment

When you select the option to add a TX2000 switch using any of the options just described, a new dialog window appears.

Choose the options you require from each of the menu selections:

  • Redundant power is only available on the 16 port TX2020R-P switch
  • If you are in the United States select United States as the Country to receive the correct product variant.
  • Choose between AC and DC power options and size of power supply based on the equipment to be powered.
  • If you choose an AC power supply you can also choose a Power Cord, if required.
  • The switches accept redundant sync inputs, so can accept both an external GPS antenna and cnPulse or can run from either.
  • The switches have 4 SFP ports, choose any combination of 4 transceivers from the options selected.

Using a switch to power a radio

Once a site has a switch included this switch can be used to power most PoE radios in the Cambium portfolio on a PTP link or at an Access Point. If the radio can be powered by the switch an option will be shown in the BOM section. This option is not available for subscriber modules.

On a PTP link choose either or both ends of the link to be powered from the switch. If either of the ends does not have a switch allocated then the option to power from the switch at that end will not be shown.


On an Access Point, tick the box to Power from switch, if it is available.


For either PTP links or Access Points if the equipment does not support being powered from the switch the option will not be shown.

These options are also now available in the equipment templates, so that all equipment using that configuration will be powered by the switch if there is a switch allocated to that site.

Using a switch to provide Sync for PTP 670

The TX2000 switches can also provide the synchronization for PTP links and Access Points. The PTP 670 product has a list of Sync options, which now includes TX2000.


If you select this option and have not added a switch to the master end of the PTP link or the hub site for the AP, then a warning is shown to remind you to add a switch to that site.

When you choose to use a switch to provide Sync then LINKPlanner automatically assumes that the site will also be powered from the switch as well and adjusts the BOM accordingly.

Bill of Materials

The project level Bill of Materials includes a new section for the Switch Network BOM, which will also appear as a new tab in the exported workbook.

The Switch Network BOM is also included in the project, PTP and PMP Links level reports.

BOM Estimator

The TX2000 switches can also be added in the BOM Estimator, by selecting the Switch Estimates tab and then selecting the New TX2000 Configuration option, which will take you to the TX2000 Switch dialog window described previously.

You can add different switch configurations and set the quantity of each configuration row by changing the value in the Qty column.


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