LINKPlanner v5.5.0 Now Available

The key features of 5.5.0 are:


  • Added the capability to configure TX2000 switches on network and hub sites
  • Added the ability to choose to power individual PoE powered radios from the switch removing PoE and line cords from the BOM (unless part of a kit)

How to add and configure the TX2000 switches is covered in our Cambium Community Knowledge Base article, How to add TX 2000 switches to LINKPlanner

60 GHz cnWave

  • Added mesh links to PMP side of LINKPlanner to prevent equipment duplication.

    How to add mesh links is covered in our Cambium Community Knowledge Base article How to add mesh links to a cnWave 60 GHz PMP Network

  • Updated V5000 antenna pattern

  • Corrected V3000 small footprint gain parameters

  • Updated optional power supplies and SFP parts in the BOM

  • Added support for cnHeat custom fields

    If you are going to transfer a LINKPlanner file to cnHeat then you can add the additional cnHeat custom fields by selecting Create cnHeat Custom Fields from the Project menu


    This gives you two additional fields on the Access Point:

    • Height above Rooftop, which allows the additional height above the high resolution data used in cnHeat to be defined, instead of estimating the height above ground.
    • Tx Clearance, this ignores obstructions within a small radius of the DN to prevent small errors in location causing unintended shadows in the heatmap

    Configure these fields using the Custom Fields option under Project Configuration in the navigation tree and if required change the default value. Remember to do this before viewing any of the access points.


    These values are then shown in the Access Point Details for each AP and can be adjusted there for each individual AP. The values are also available in the PMP Links Access Points table and the Access Points for hub table, where they can be edited as a group.



  • Added ePMP 3000L to PTP side of LINKPlanner
  • Added 5.1 GHz New Zealand regulations and updated 5.2 and 5.8 GHz
  • Updated India regulations
  • Added 4.9 GHz to Force 4xx radios
  • Updated PTP regulations for 11ac and 11ax products to support the same countries as 11n products


  • Added cnRanger 201 SM

    There is now a choice between the 101 and 201 SM’s when using cnRanger in the 2 GHz bands

PTP 670/700

  • Added 7-8 GHz HCMP support

  • Added TX2000 as a sync option for PTP 670

    Cambium Sync can now be provided on the PTP 670 using the TX2000 switches, see previous Knowledge Base article

PMP 450

  • Added 5 MHz to CBRS bands

  • Added Canada and FCC countries for 450 MicroPop and 450b Connectorized

  • Updated downlink data ranges

    DFS and LBT limit the range of downlink data options that can be used:

    • When DFS is required at the AP/BHM the range is restricted to 15 – 75% (this is primarily for countries using FCC DFS regulations)
    • When DFS is required at both ends of the link the range is restricted to 25 – 75% (this is for countries using the ETSI DFS regulations)
    • LBT restricts the limit to 15 – 75%
  • Removed 3 GHz ETSI from PTP as not supported for PTP use.

PTP 820/850

  • Changed PTP 850E default power supply from 60W to 90W
  • Added new optional cables and accessories for PTP 820G


  • Changed the transmit power control to cap at minimum transmit power and moved the warnings to receive power level or EIRP limits.

    PTP links will now cap the transmit power at the minimum transmit power and will show a warning if either of the following conditions are true:

    • Minimum transmit power + antenna gain – cable loss exceeds the EIRP limit
    • Minimum transmit power results in the receive level at the other end of the link exceeding the maximum working level of the radio

    Warnings on the transmit power will no longer be shown

  • Removed zero quantity BOM items from the proposal and installation reports

    If you set the quantity of an item automatically added to the BOM to zero that item will no longer be shown in the Bill of Materials tables in the reports. This makes the reports cleaner but will mean that it won’t be obvious in the reports that items have been removed.

  • Obsolete CMM5 products

Bug Fixes

  • Ensured that the cnWave 60 GHz SM sector number updates when the AP azimuth changes
  • Fixed error creating PTP 850C 4+0 installation reports
  • Allow Unicode characters in custom antenna fields
  • Fixed issue creating complex PTP 700 links in the map view

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