How to apply license to PTP650 radio

  • Obtain an entitlement ID (EID) from your distributor in order to get license for the capacity upgrade.
  • Login tocambiumnetworks.comand enter the entitlement ID under License Keys>> Entitlements>> Activate Entitlements andclick oncheck.
  • Once clicked on Check, You should be able to seeActivateoption under Available Quantity. Click on Activate as below:

  • Enter theUnit 1 Mac address, Country, Band, and other details if you wantand click on Submit.

  • Once we click onActivate, license gets generated and it will be available under Recent Entitlements as shown below:


  • Copy the License key which is generated.
  •  Login to the radio and go to Installation >> Continue Installation Wizard >>, Remove the existing license key on the License key section, Paste the new key and Click on Submit.

  • After submitting the License key, click on Next >> Next >> Next >> Confirm Configuration and Reboot.  This will completes the license process.

Note : If you want to apply second license upgrade over the existing license (Eg: Radio has capacity license and you want to apply Fiber license on top of it), then you can generate the Fiber license and this will consist of Fiber license along with previous license features as well.  So you can just remove the existing license key on the radio and apply the new license key.