PTP 670 License features and the Part numbers

This article includes all PTP 670 license features and the part numbers.
There are some paid features that are required to be purchased from the point of purchase or the local distributor. Once the features are purchased, we can use the entitlement ID to generate the license key.

Below link explains the complete procedure to generate the license key once we have the entitlement ID:

Below is the link to re-generate the key or download the key again from support page:

PTP 670 ODUs support the following capability upgrades:

  • Capacity upgrade
  • SFP port operation
  • STA Frequency band (107)
  • Regulatory band and country
  • AES encryption
  • Synchronous Ethernet and 1588 Transparent Clock
  • TDM
  • High-Capacity Multipoint (HCMP)
  • OTAR – Over the Air Rekeying

Link Capacity Variant - Lite/Full

  • The PTP 670 radio by default has full capacity. We don’t have a lite to full upgrade in the PTP 670 radio.
  • The PTP 670 with 45 MHz channel bandwidth supports up to 450 Mbps aggregate throughput.

Note: PTP 650 does require Lite to Full upgrade

  • C000065K021A PTP 650 Lite (Up to 125Mbps) to Mid (Up to 250Mbps) Link Capacity upgrade license per ODU
  • C000065K022A PTP 650 Lite (Up to 125Mbps) to Full (Up to 450Mbps) Link Capacity upgrade license per ODU

SFP port operation

  • PTP 650 and 670 radio require SFP port license for operation.
  • The SFP comes in kit form which includes the license key, SFP gland, SFP module

Below are the part numbers:

  • C000065L008A Single-Mode Optical SFP Interface per ODU
  • C000065L009A Multi-mode Optical SFP Interface per ODU
  • C000065L010A Gigabit Ethernet SFP Interface per ODU

STA Frequency band (107)

  • This does not require any feature purchase, but we would require FCC approved document and then we can generate the key.
  • The only software versions that support STA are:
    670-01-48 - For the links which are using TDM
    670-02-71 - For the normal link
  • As of now there are no plans to release STA version based on 03-xx.
  • This STA license key activates the Frequency band 107 (5840-5895MHZ)

Note: PTP 650 does not support STA

Regulatory Band and Country

  • Regulatory Band is supposed to indicate the license conditions for one frequency band (minimum frequency, maximum frequency, maximum power, maximum EIRP, radar detection etc.).
    PTP 670 is supplied in regional variants for Canada (IC), USA (FCC), EU and Global.

AES Encryption

  • We would require an AES license feature/key to setup AES on PTP 650/670 radios.
    The AES license is required to enable HTTPS at the web interface, and AES encryption over the wireless link.
    Below are the part numbers:
  • PTP 650/670 128-bit AES Encryption – per ODU C000065K018A
  • PTP 650/670 256-bit AES Encryption – per ODU C000065K019A

Synchronous Ethernet

  • License part “C000065K040A” is required for the PTP transparent clock and Synchronous Ethernet.
    Note: There is a known issue with software version 03-60 and 03-30 where Sync E does not work.
    It is recommended to downgrade the units to 03-12 to resolve the issue as a work around.


  • The license key required for the 8-Port T1/E1 software license (per END) part number is C000065K049A.
    Note: The TDM supported software versions are PTP 670-01- 47 /01-49 or PTP 670-02-50.


  • The basic HCMP license will allow the PTP 670 unit to work as a slave in HCMP mode. However, for the unit to work as a master in HCMP mode, it requires an advanced HCMP license.
  • PTP 670 Basic High-Capacity Multipoint – per Access Point C000067K001A
  • PTP 670 Upgrade to Advanced High Capacity Multipoint– per Access Point C000067K003A
    Purchase this upgrade if the ODU already has the Basic HCMP license
  • PTP 670 Advanced High capacity Multipoint– per Access Point (*5) C000067K004A
    Purchase this upgrade to provide Basic and Advanced licenses.

OTAR – Over the Air Rekeying
This is an additional feature that periodically re-negotiates the session key used for AES encryption in the wireless interface.

  • PTP 670 OTAR support – per END C000067K002A