How to configure SIP on cnPilot R200/R201

Steps to configure the SIP account in order to make SIP calls using the 2 FXS ports available on the R200/R201:-

On the R200/201 GUI under FXS1/FXS2 -> SIP Account, configure the following fields:

Line Enable should be Enable and Outgoing call without Registration should be disable.

Proxy and Registration:

  1. Proxy Server will be the IP address or the domain of SIP Server.
  2. All the port parameter will be 5060 by default.

Subscriber Information:

  1. Phone Number as provided by the SIP admin.
  2. Password as provided by the SIP admin.
  3. Account name should be same as phone number.
  4. Display name is optional.


Once configured please save the changes and reboot the radio.

Note: To confirm the SIP server registration, go to the Status page and check the SIP Account status. The FXS1/FXS2 Account status will be in registered state as shown below: