SIP Registration issue on R200/R201

Troubleshooting steps for SIP registration issues:-

The following are the steps which we have to take into consideration while troubleshooting in case of SIP registration is unsuccessful:-

1. Test SIP server Reachability:

Go to Administration >>>> Diagnosis >>> Ping Test>>> Ping the IP of SIP server to confirm the reachability of the SIP server as shown:


2. Check FXS1/FXS2 configuration:

Check the basic FXS1/FXS2 configuration required on the R200/R201. Please refer the KB, “SIP configure on cnPilot R200/R201” from the below link:

3. Check logs:

Go to Status tab >>> Syslog to identify why the SIP registration is failing.

4. If unable to identify the cause behind the registration failure, please collect the following information and share it to

a.   Syslog: Status tab >>> Syslog  

b.   Packet trace captures: Administration >>>> Diagnosis >>> Packet Trace >> choose WAN from the drop down and click on start to take a capture. Wait for a minute and stop the capture and save the same.

c.   Configuration file: Administration >>>> Management >>> Config File Upload && Download.

Note: Please check if the radio is on the latest software release. The software is available on our support website, here is the link for the same: