How to enable channel bonding for PTP between two V5000?

How to enable channel bonding for PTP between two V5000?

Configuration, Node, Radio → Override. Choose the channels you want to bond.

I don’t see that option there. when I click on override, I get Auto config and node config options. Could you please show me where that option is?

Hemant, You cannot channel bond between 2 v5000 units - that is considered a mesh link, not a PTP link. You can channel bond between 2 x v3000 working as PTP. At some point in the future, I’m sure we will be able to use the bonded channels on v5000’s, but not today yet.

Thanks Dave. But can you tell me how to get throughput of 3.6Gbps between two V5000?

The max is 1.7 Gb/s in each direction, which is 3.4 Gb/s aggregate. You need to have 30-40 dB margin in order to maintain mod level 12 all the time to maintiain the high througput. Then, if you connect CN’s to either of the v5000’s, they will affect the max performance as well.

If you need that much capacity, you are better off to run a pair of v3000’s as the PTP, which you can channel bond 2 channels together. The v3000’s with channel bonding will operate at ~2.6 Gb/s in each direction. With v5000’s, since they have 2 sectors with 140 degree antennas, you need to have them very close ( say 50m apart) to guarantee full throughput. With the v3000 units, you can get full throughput at 1km apart.

If the PTP is critical, then use a pair of v3000 to guarantee great fade margin. You can connect v5000’s to them at either end, and maintain multipoint capability if you need.


Thanks Dave. Can you answer the following questions please?

  1. Is the per sector throughput is 1.7Gbps total or in one direction? In another words, Can i achieve per sector throughput 1.7Gbps overall or is it for one direction (say either uplink or downlink). My sector-2 of one V5000 is connected to sector-1 of other V5000 and I am achieving aggregate of 1.8Gbps not the 3.6Gbps.

  2. Can I use both sectors of V5000 as a receiver only? In another words, is it possible to configure one V5000 as an uplink and other V5000 as a downlink to get the 3.6Gbps in one direction?


  1. Each direction. 3.4 Gb/s total Aggregate. There are other factors that affect the net throughput. 1.7 Gb/s thoughput assumes modulation level 12 all the time (SNR on the link above 30dB at both v5000’s), very low error rates, no blocking between the devices doing the measurement, 1.7 Gb/s aggregate sounds like you have a 1 Gb/s port somewhere, since in my lab, I get 1.8 Gb/s performance to a device with a Gig-e port such as a V1000 linked up to the v5000. To do a v5000 to v5000 test, you need a device like a Mikrotik 4011 or higher capaicty router on each SFP+ port, then run a test like b-test between the 2 routers.

  2. No, you can’t configure a v5000 that way. Each sector a complete TDD transceiver operating 50% of the time on transmit, 50% of the time receiving on its own. You can’t change that functionality. Also, the 10G ethernet port, the SFP+ port, the Aux port, and the 2 sectors are all bridged together. The onlboard E2E controller, if you are using it, is routed using IPv6. The exception to this is when you enable one port as a relay port to pass Open-R routing protocol to another device directly connected to the v5000, such as 2 colocated v5000’s on one pole.

If you need really reliable bandwidth between these 2 locations, I recommend Cambium’s PTP850e. These radios use 80 GHz, are full duplex, use max 2 GHz channel, and are capable of 10Gb/s in each direction. We use 850e’s to connect fiber into cnWave networks, connect sections of 60GHz networks that are more than 1km apart, or when we need more than 2.6 Gb/s between 2 networks. My network design philosphy is to use the right equipment for the right task, and deploy devices into the environment they were designed for.

I hope this helps…


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