How to enable the Remote Management access on ePMP/PTP 550 (Access Point/Master)


This article demonstrates how to enable the “Remote Management Access” for ePMP/PTP 550 (AP/Master).


By default, management access on an AP/Master is only allowed via the Ethernet Interface. We can enable the management access for a wireless interface which will allow us to access the AP/Master from behind the SM/Slave.


There are many ways to enable the “Remote Management Access” including:

  1. Via the device GUI (Simplest way)
  2. Using SSH

Method 1: Via the device GUI

Step 1 : Login to the web GUI of the AP/ Master.

Step 2: Navigate to: Configuration → Network → Advanced tab and set the “Management Access” to “Ethernet And Wireless” and save the change as shown below (Reboot not required):

Method 2: Using SSH.

Step 1: Login to the AP/Master via SSH.

Note: You can use any SSH client. For Windows, Putty can be downloaded from

Step 2: Enter the following commands in CLI as shown below:

config set l2WanRemoteAccess 1
config commit


A device reboot is not required to make this change

To set the “Management Access” back to Ethernet only use the following command:

config set l2WanRemoteAccess 0
config commit

i am facing same problem can anyone here tell me, how can we solve this

Hi @josh_bez,

what kind or problem do you have?

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Same problem..

Same as what? This topic describes how to enable Remote Management. Are you having a problem following the instructions? If so, what is the problem?