How to Enter Default Mode or Recovery Console for 450m

The 450m (cnMedusa) radio utilizes the same Recovery Mode procedure as the 450i series of radios.

See this thread for the original 450i instructions.

Note this is different than the old method of using the default plug.

Hi Matt. Tried following the procedure but can’t seem to get the SMU into recovery mode. What could I be doing wrong?

This thread and “Recovery mode” is referring specifically to the 450m (and 450i) devices. You are referring to “the SMU”, and I am not sure which model you might mean.

Is it a 450m radio? Is it 5 GHz? If you post your model number, I might be able to help.

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It is a 3.6GHz MIMO OFDM - Subscriber Module. Let me know if you need more information.

If it’s the legacy PMP450 SM and not a PMP450i or PMP450m AP then you can use the procedure here:How to Default a PMP Device?

This is also listed in the user guide. Hope that helps you get back into the device.

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If it is the original 450 SM (i.e. model number C036045C00xA), then it still has the default/timing port, and the procedure to default the radio is different…

If it is the 3 GHz 450b High Gain, then it should be similar to this method (ie. a power interrupt to enter recovery mode).

edit: Looks like Brian beat me to this…