How to reach/create link a CN trough a DN from the POP?

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I may be wrong but … considering this is more of a mesh tecnology they don’t say or teach you nothing about how to configure it rather than showing you how to connect the direct links to a POP.

They mention about the 15 hops and suggests where to place the POP but rather than that couldn’t find nothing.

If I want to connect a POP V5000 to a DN V5000 ( “B” ) and a v3000 to the DN V5000 “B”. I want to reach (from the POP) the v3000 trough the DN B how do I do it ? What do i have to do ?

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Lets call POP V5000 as Node A, DN V5000 as Node B and CN V3000 as Node C

cnWave PTP Layer 2 bridge using on-board E2E describes the steps for Point to Point link from Node A to Node B

Additionally following should be created

  1. Site C
  2. Node C under Site C
  3. Link from Node B to Node C

In total, there will be three sites, three nodes and two links.


Thank you very much, it really solved my headache ! Thank you