How to reset Major Alarm?

There's a way to reset Major Alarm?

We have 1200 alarm and will be helpful clear them but i can't find a way.

Thank you!

Yes, also me! Too many alarm. So are useless

There is not a way to manually clear alarms.  The idea being that the device would re-enter that error state anyway unless the issue is resolved.  Resolving the issue would automatically clear the alarm.

What type(s) of alarms are currently active in your account?  Is the vast majority a single type of alarm?

I recommend adding this feature request to the Ideas section and vote it up.  This helps the team prioritize new features.

We have some SM offline from various time (i think i will delete them).

But after a blackout in our systems we have every day 1000 and more devices offline (fig. 1).

But the real devices are 300 (fig. 2)

Which version of cnMaestro is this on?  We've made several fixes over time to improve alarm count reliability and I'd like to see we have specific issues fixed in our tracker that might be applicable to this.

Most errors are SM broken, not more connected, replaced.

Versione On Premesis

System information
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Tuvix_IT, if these devices are broken and replaced with new hardware, is it an option to delete them from cnMaestro?  That would clear their alarms.  If they never connect to cnMaestro again these alarms will remain since they are in fact offline.

Am I understanding the situation correctly?

Hi, yes. An option for replace the old SM, so to "clear" the alarm.

Ok, now doesn't exist, so i go in Inventory, i sort for Health (i want cancel the oldest SM) but the order doesn't seem right.

1hour -> 7 days -> 4days ...

If you want to delete the old SMs from cnMaestro, you can scroll to the right in the Inventory view shown in your screenshot and click the X button to delete the device.  Please let me know if I misunderstood.

The Health column only sorts on Offline/Online status.  I have created ticket CNSSNG-6875 in our tracker to further sort devices by their connected/disconnected time.

Yes, i click the X for delete th SM,  from the oldest SM (oldest SMs are sure SM withdrawn from the customer because replaced) but, if i sort for Health and CNMaestro doesn't sort for Health (like my last image), i can't start the cancellation, I should see all the pages because sorting seems random.
If you opened a Ticket for this problem, okay. It should be easy to fix with a patch.

PS: i have last CNMAestro On Promises.

We have done some work on out network (updating AP's from cnMaestro etc...), we have got some problems but resolved.

Now we still have many alarms from that problems (for exemple "Configuration update failed due to device timeout") and will be very useful CLEAR that messages because they increase over time.

Thank you!

Same issue of several devices with alarm, "Configuration Update Failed Due To Device Timeout". The issue seems to happen when cnMaestro *thinks* that it was unable to complete a configuration job.  One specific example where a job appears to fail (but actually works) is when you change the VLAN of an ePMP SM.  The job will start, the SM's VLAN will update, the SM will reassociate and get a new IP address on the new VLAN, but the job (on cnMaestro) will eventually just error out.  And then the alarm stays active, forever, so it seems.

I agree with dkeltgen.

Maybe It's ok not to clear the offline devices if you, Cambium, don't want but i think remove that kind of alarm (device timeout, updates etc...) will be very useful and "clean"

We have 2700 alarms and we don't know how delete them :(

I have created a topic in "Your Ideas"

A solution for clear the Alarms? Set "Acknowledgement " isn't a solution. 

I can make, almost, the birthday to this error :) 316d


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For those specific Configuration Failed alarms they can be cleared by successfully pushing configuration.  Since PMP is template-based you can push a trivial template and that should result in a successful configuration update with no actual change made on the device.




I recommend testing against a lab device or single SM first to verify that the device doesn't reboot from this template.  I would not expect this to cause a reboot but I prefer caution if attempting to do this on a large number of devices.

This is for future updates but is impossible clear old alarms, right?

No, this solution would work for any Configration Failed alarm, including old alarms.  It would take the device out the error state by successfully pushing a configuration.

For other types of alarms view the alarm Details and check the Resolution text.  It will often give a suggestion as to how to clear the alarm by bringing the device out of the error state.

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So we need to push the previous template in EVERY antenna with this error?

We have 3500 errors by now...


No, not specifically the previously pushed template.  It would likely fail again anyway.  Any template can be pushed, including a trivial one with no functional change.  As long as the job completes successfully the alarm will clear.

For example, this template should result in a successful push every time since no configuration is actually being edited.  Test on a single device first to verify the device does not reboot, before doing a select-all.