How to reset the cnPilot R200/201 using a ATA Analog Phone

cnPilot Home devices may be configured by navigating the unit’s voice menu. By using your phone and dialling a sequence of commands, the device may be configured for operation.
Each device configuration section may be accessed by entering a certain operation code.

Here are the Voice Menu Setting Options for factory resetting and rebooting the device.

Note: 1. We do not need any configuration on the phone for this to work.
           2. Please disconnect the WAN cable before performing the reset.

Factory Reset:

1. Pick up the phone and press “****” to start IVR.
2. Choose  option “3” for Factory Reset”.
3. Please enter password and then press #. Prompt “operation successful” if password is right and then cnPilot R200x/R201x will be in factory default configuration.
4. If you want to quit, press “*”.


1. Pick up the phone and press “****” to start IVR.
2. Choose  option “4” for “Reboot”.
3. Please enter password and then press #.
4. cnPilot R200x/R201x reboots if the password is correct.

1. While using Voice menu, press * (star) to return to main menu.
2. The password can be entered using phone keypad, the mapping table between number and letters as follows:

To input: A, B, C, a, b, c ---------------------------------------------------Press ‘2’
To input: D, E, F, d, e, f ----------------------------------------------------Press ‘3’
To input: G, H, I, g, h, i ----------------------------------------------------Press ‘4’
To input: J, K, L, j, k, l ------------------------------------------------------Press ‘5’
To input: M, N, O, m, n, o ------------------------------------------------Press ‘6’
To input: P, Q, R, S, p, q, r, s ----------------------------------------------Press ‘7’
To input: T, U, V, t, u, v ----------------------------------------------------Press ‘8’
To input: W, X, Y, Z, w, x, y, z ---------------------------------------------Press ‘9’
To input all other characters in the administrator password-----Press ‘0’,


E.g.   1. admin                  : Press 23646
          2. password@123 : Press 727796730123