How to save and share entitlements


When you buy a software license or subscription from Cambium, you will usually receive an Entitlement representing the items that you purchased. You will then activate the entitlement by entering the Entitlement ID on the Entitlement Activation page of the Cambium Support Site.

An entitlement can be activated by anyone who knows the Entitlement ID, so they should be treated with care.

To help you manage your entitlements, you can choose to save them to your user account. You can also optionally share them with members of a company account.

Saving Entitlements

To start, visit and press Save an entitlement:

Enter your Entitlement ID and an optional comment and press Save. The entitlement will appear in your Saved Entitlements list.

Sharing Entitlements

When saving an entitlement, you will see a Sharing Setting input, which lists the company accounts of which you are a member. Choosing an account here will cause the entitlement to be visible to any member of that account.

Splitting and Transferring entitlements

See this knowledge base article for information about splitting and transferring entitlements:

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