How to split licenses from an entitlement

The support site allows you to split entitlements that have been saved to your account. The result is a new entitlement containing some of the licenses from the original. This might be useful if you want to spread the licenses between multiple accounts, or if you want to activate some licenses now and save the rest for later.

In the example below, we start with an entitlement containing 120 MSX-SUB-T1-1 licenses and 20 MSX-SUB-T2-1 licenses, and we split 50 of the first and 7 of the second into a new entitlement.

Start by entering your entitlement ID on the Entitlement Activation page and clicking the Save button:

You can optionally add a comment to help identify the entitlement:

Now that the entitlement has been saved, you can click the Split/Transfer button:

You now need to choose the number of licenses you want to split from the entitlement. If you are sending the licenses to someone else, you can enter their email address here as well, otherwise you can leave it blank.

A new entitlement has now been created with the quantities you requested. If you left the email field blank, the entitlement will be saved under your account:

If you press the Activate button, you will see that the new entitlement contains the quantities you requested:

Meanwhile the old entitlement contains the remainder of the licenses:


Can i revoke a license already activeted in a cloud to split in 2 new entitlement? Thanks

This is something we’d like to improve in the future, but for now you’ll need to raise a support ticket to transfer licenses between accounts once the entitlement has been activated.

Thank you for reply.